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Asked: 5 years ago

Any ideas on why I cant finish Take it Back?

I just downloaded Broken steel and cant finish Take it Back. After I kill Col Autumn and his guards Lyons talks to the intercom then all she says to me is "Lets make sure this area is locked down before we do anything else". And that is it, every time I try to talk to her that is what she says, I cant talk about going into the airlock. I have reloaded the game from several different places and tried with different characters, all with the same thing happening. I have also sat around for several minutes to see if the purifier will explode, it doesn't. Any ideas?

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Check the area to make sure there are no Enclave forces hiding nearby.

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I have the same problem anybody have a solution? I have loaded it 20 times and each time it's the same thing. I even tried not killing Col Autumn.I have looked around the whole place the only enclave are Col Autumn's guards.

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I think your supposed to finish Take It Back then download Broken Steel

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I don't have it but i no for a fact you do not finish broken steel pre-download. Some soldier may be glitched under a walkway or in a wall, try entering VATS every where in the room and see if you can find him. If not, try deleting and re-downloading the dlc.

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i had the same problem. try going outside of the memorial changing your quest to something that is not related to the main story then save. Go to your memory and delete broken steel then reload it. it worked for me. make sure both your game disc and the broken steel discs are clean. hope that helps.

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I agree with Nomanisat, this happened to me when ~SPOILER~ your dad asks you to clear out the Jefferson Memorial for any Mutants so he and his fellow scientists can go and activate the purifier. So check around the area good.

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