Question from Finnerwoo

Do you have to maintain a certain karma for followers?

I am about to buy Jericho but was wondering if I would be able to attain Fawkes even though I have an evil karma follower.


ARMOURN8TOR answered:

You would need to fire Jericho and get good karma to obtain Fawks, But if you get good karma when you alredy have Jerico following you he will not leave you unless you fire him, If you fire him you can rehire him at anytime, Unless you have another follower.
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PimpMasterT36 answered:

You can get jericho and then go to the scapyard and kill dogmeat then get good karma and then you can recruit fawkes and still have jericho.
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JamieStern15 answered:

I thought you needed to maintain the karma u have to for the follower, e.g with Jericho you keep up the bad karma. And i dont think u can hav more than 1 follower and dogmeat!
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Crae_z answered:

No no no. You can keep jericho if you are good. thats what i am doing. Im a Very Good character, but went bad just long enough to steal some important stuff, and get jericho as my follower. He is undoubtably the best, with a lil armour. Shoots farther than charon or fawkes, has a friggin personality, which is what i hate about charon, Charon is always like "yes sir, Your wish is my command," yadda yadda. boring. He also starts out with a better weapon than star paladin cross. clover is hot but really really weak. Let me just say, if you dont mind a lil cursing here and there, Jericho is the bomb. But! i also learned with jericho to pick up those cartons of cigs you find. give him those, and take off his mask often so he can smoke. otherwise, he will complain about needing to smoke all the time. i learned that the hard way.... yeah get jericho and go good guy, its the best.
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Crae_z answered:

Oh yeah, also there is Sergeant RL-3 but he is terrible. he is a robot follower you get outside the robot factory.
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Tommywx answered:

For good karma obtains good charactors

For bad karma obtains bad charactors.
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Shuda7 answered:

It is impossible to have BOTH Jericho and Fawkes as a follower. It is possible, however to get jericho and then become really good while he is with you, but if you fire him you will have to become evil again for him to rejoin you. Fawkes works the same way. You can only have two followers with you (the one being Dogmeat).
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