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Asked: 5 years ago

NPC Glitch help?

So I do the tranquility lane mission of the main quest... along for the ride I have Charon and Dogmeat. When I entered the pod I got a message that Dogmeat will be waiting for me at Vault 101. When I finished the mission Charon was nowhere in sight... not there, not at vault 101 - Dogmeat was. I looked all around underworld: not there. I can't pick up a new npc when I try it says charon is still with me though he isn't... anyone know a resolution to this problem?

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Wait a few days outside maybe
If not he's probably sitting somewhere in the wasteland
And you have a big search ahead...

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You might try fast traveling. One time I lost Fawkes and he popped up behind me when I fast traveled to Megaton.

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