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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Tesla Armor and the Alien blaster?

I would like to know. Thanks.

Additional details - 6 years ago

What about the Alien gun? When and where does that happen?

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From: MSUSpartan117 6 years ago

To find the alien blaster, go North from Power Station MDPl-13 (I think) and you will pick up a garbled radio station. Follow the signal to a crashed spaceship and search around the dead alien for the blaster. It is a very strong weapon but only comes with 120 rounds that cannot be replenished so use wisely. If you get your energy weapons up high enough, its almost a one hit kill for everything

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I find Tesla Armor fairly often when running into Enclave patrols. If you are in the later stages of the main story and the Enclave are active, try storming the Capitol building. You're fairly likely to find Tesla Armor wearing soldiers around there (You're also likely to find an unmarked grave if you don't have an escape plan)

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Where is Power Station MDPI-13?

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I think it might be the one near Minefield. I could be wrong.

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