Question from arcinguy

What is the purpose of repairing the lighthouse in point lookout?

I found the bulb and repaired it, but it seems to be purely for effect.


jjslider94 answered:

You're right, there's no point; it's just for effect. It's not even connected to a quest or anything, it's just for the hell of it pretty much.
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itwizz answered:

(Spoilers) Repairing the lighthouse persuades Tobar to give you free passage to and from Point lookout and it is the hideout of Dr Calvert in the main quest line.

See here for more information:
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MoonPhoenix answered:

repairing the lighthouse causes some smugglers(Point lookout version raiders if that rocks ur fancy) to take camp there and ... They leave a hell of a loot.. Some heck of a loot
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