Question from sakofglen

What is the next quest after the waters of life?

My game glitched and i can't get into the citidel anything i try the gate just won't open, So i need to know if i can still complete the main quest even though i can't get into the citidel.


xboxrule_chaos answered:

Nope cant be done
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CaptainFelix answered:

you'll have to go back to an old save. The next quest is given inside. now you may be able to continue by going on an "unofficial" quest. (minor spoilers)

go directly west in the wasteland from the middle, around megaton. right at the edge of the map you'll find a place called Lantern Caves or something, which leads into vault 87. you need to enter and find the GECK. this might unglitch the quest, but your best bet is to go to an old save.
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RiseOfAsh answered:

A lot have people have found this glitching, usually if you re-enter Tesla Tunnels and exit right back out, Dr. Li will run up and yell into the intercom to let you into the Citadel and finish the quest.
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