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How do I get past Statesman Hotel?

Apparently I need a fission battery to use the elevator on the roof. I cant find one anywhere else in the hotel. Anyone have any idea what I can do, or am I stuck?

Statesman Hotel is found by taking the back door from GNR to Dupont, then Dupont East to Our Lady of Hope Hospital then to Statesman Hotel.

Can anyone help me out and tell me if they find a fission battery in the hotel.


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Professor_Duck answered:

The Protectron in question is in a storeroom inside the restaurant floor. In the bar area, there is an entrance to a little room underneath one of the stairwells. You'll see a bunch of wrecked shelves with presumably nothing in there--but if you look in between the two shelves, its there (its rather hard to see--you'll probably have your cursor over it before you actually see it). Search it, and you'll have the battery you were looking for.

Happy hunting
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DeanHarper answered:

You should be able to follow a way point back into the building where you will find a busted up Protectron with a battery on him.

Hope that helps, I know hes in there. Just follow the way point.
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ArsMoritoria answered:

I believe that any fission battery will do, and they can be found all over. If you are having a hard time finding one there, try the maintenance areas in places like the metro stations and vaults. I keep most of the random garbage items from around the game, (I'm a packrat, sue me) and have accrued 13 of them just picking them up occasionally. (I only pick up about 1 in 5 or less, as they weigh 10 pounds) They can be found all over, just do some digging and keep your eyes open for a black thing with two terminals on the top. They are neither terribly large, nor particularly small.
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