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The Chinese beacon?

I came across the chinese radio beacon in the parking lot of super duper mart. it's range extends only within the parking lot and i have searched around for the pilot but can't find anything. any help?

Allen_George provided additional details:

In my game it showed up in the super duper mart parking lot. the signal is constrained to the parking lot and there is no commando anywhere. i've scoured the signal range but no luck.

Allen_George provided additional details:

thats what i'm afraid of. I like bethesda and all but youy think they could have fixed the clipping issues with the engine between the release of oblivion and the release of FO3.

xsilent7morderx asked for clarification:

True, there are a few minor glitches throughout, but doesn't really effect the overall experience.

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Harcroftian answered:

It's a random encounter. It's around the corpse of a Chinese commando. I found the same beacon at Flooded Metro (south) and there was a dead Chinese Commado with a Chinese Special Ops book, a chinese pistol and some other stuff. I believe the book was in a nearby Preservation shelter.

Your best bet is to test where the signal stops on all sides, and then try to find the signal's center. The chinese commando corpse should be nearby.
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TrinStari answered:

Yeah...I just ran into it at the Meresti Train Station...after running around and going into the service tunnels and coming back out, the commando literally appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground in the trainyard...but yeah...look around enough and you should eventually find it.
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BagelsAreTasty answered:

The Chinese radio beacon leads to the Mama ... something or other factory. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact name. Lots and lots of chinese ghoul soldiers with chinese assault rifles in there.

The location of this factory is west of the Arlington Cemetery.
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ShadowAspect answered:

He could of fell thru the terrain, i.e. a glitch. I once saw two outcast brotherhood guys blow up a car in their attempt to kill an Enclave Eyebot. Oh they got it all right....and killed themselves in the process. The thing is though, it looked like the car fell on top of one of them and pushed him thru the terrain polys, thus putting him out of reach and no longer visible. All I could loot (from that guy) was his laser rifle that he let go of as he went flying. So it's possible the corpse got glitched out of reach....
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