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Tenpenny Tower Quest Glitch - Has this happened to you?

So I killed all the ghouls and then went back to see Gustavo. However my PipBoy directed me to Fairfax Ruins. I went there and found Gustavo all alone, and he was quickly killed by raiders. Now the PipBoy just pointed at where his corpse used to be. Is there any way to fix this?


Grandstream answered:

Chief Gustavo, the guy who mans the front desk of Tenpenny Tower? I've never caught him outside of the Tower before. The problem is if a quest-giver gets killed before the quest is completed, the quest automatically ends. I doubt there's something on his person you need.
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chrisyg103 answered:

Take the key from his body, that's what the quest wants you to do. It's used to open the Tenpenny Tower basement to let Roy and his feral ghouls in to kill everyone. So unless it said you failed you quest your alright.

Another thing you could do is just kill everyone in Tenpenny Tower and tell Roy Phillips. You can tell him that you took care of all of the residents and tthe tower is cleared out, this will automatically complete the quest and he will give you the Ghoul Mask (makes all feral ghouls friendly unless provoked) and he will move into his new home.
His follower Masters and (I think Bessie is her name) will replace the shopkeepers you killed. And they have better stuff!
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