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Blood Ties help?

I have completed Blood Ties, taken Ian back to his place, and even been taught the ways of the vampire by the family, but i was never given the perk that came with the quest completion and i cannot trade blood packs for extra caps or use them for more health. Anybody have any ideas?

Atown33 provided additional details:

Who in Arefu should i talk to? I think I have already talked to everyone there but I probably missed someone, thanks

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statesofeuphria answered:

Have you talked with the people in Arefu about the blood pack deal? Once they agree to the deal, let Vance know and you should be able to trade.
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itwizz answered:

Do the above AND ask to be taught the Ways of the Vampire then you will be given the Hemophage Perk.
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SmellsLikeFun answered:

Talk to Evan King.
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