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Fawkes and Dogmeat?...

Okay, I have two problems.

1: Dogmeat doesn't spawn at the junkyard anymore, like he is supposed to, Instead he spawns next to the Citadel where there is usually a Super Mutant and Centuar. His feet are embedded in the debris, and I can't talk to him. Should I just kill him and use the Puppies perk?

2: I had Fawkes with me while doing Trouble on the Homefront, and somehow, someway, he got stuck on the other side of the 101 door. Is there anything I can do to get him out, or is he stuck in there forever more?

SoF-Rambo provided additional details:

Okay, Guess it's too bad about Fawkes then, but now Dogmeat is not near the Citadel anymore. It gave me the "Dogmeat is at 101" message but he isn't there... I checked inside, where Fawkes is stuck, and he isn't there Either.


clearasil answered:

Uhhh unfortunately for cannot get fawkes bck if he is still inside vault 101
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itwizz answered:

There is NO way to get Fawkes back OR to free Dogmeat unless you have the PC version and use the summon commands so your screwed I'm afraid. I wouldn't bother with the Puppies Perk as it is buggy as hell and as led to a lot of problems in gaining and re-hiring Followers.

PS: Have you tried Fast travelling to see if that frees Dogmeat.

PPS: Dogmeat/Puppies return to Vault 101 when fired/spawn.
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bren1999 answered:

Sorry for u but dogmeat i dont know what to tell u other than put him down and fawkes you cant get back in the vault after that quest so u can only get 1 follower now since hes stuck and u cant talk to him
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