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A way back into Vault 101?

I was watching a video on the XBL marketplace and the lead game designer Todd Howard said there is a way to get back into Vault 101 at one point in the game.

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BlazeODU answered:

Sometime during the storyline, you'll encounter a very crucial moment that will push you to go further in the story (You'll see, let's just say that what you've been doing blows up in your face)

After this event is over, once you get close to Vault 101, you'll receive an emergency broadcast signal on your radio, it will be Amata, she needs your help. After you listen to the broadcast, you'll be able to use the outside console in the cave entrance to the vault to open it back up.

P.S. I'm not sure if the quest is available if you kill the Overseer.
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whycantidoit answered:

Yea its what Blaze said, you can do it if you kill the overseer cuz I did and i still got in
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whycantidoit answered:

Yea its what Blaze said, you can do it if you kill the overseer cuz I did and i still got in
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ProfBlahson answered:

Yes, it is (I think, maybe even before he dies). (SPOILERS!!!) Go to Megaton, towards the Vault. You'll get the emergency braodcast, giving you the code to get into the vault. Go through the door, and enter the code. Inside, you'll meet Officer Gomez (or another officer if you killed him). There's a mission in there where you can talk to Amata. Help them, etc, etc....oh, yes. If you kill the overseer on your way out, you CAN do the quest. It's just a more hostile overseer who'd rather kill you than help. The older one is nicer to you. (There's a faq on the Fallout 3 faq tab that gives you this info - name escapes me right now, but it has something to do with Hometown)
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ProfBlahson answered:

(Spoiler.....?) Trouble on the Homefront is what it's called. You get inside the vault, and listen to the broadcast, and get it.
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alexjoeyking81 answered:

Use this chance to get the medicine bobblehead if you missed it at the very start because once this quest is over theres no going back into vault 101.
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