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Complete bobble head location map?

Does anyone have or can anyone refer me to a complete listing of all the bobble head locations. Ive been able to locate 2 so far.

Is there any sort of reward for collecting them all and can any of them be permanently "missed"?

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SmellsLikeFun answered:

the one in Lucas Simm's house will only go if you destroy Megaton. the one in Vault 101 can be gotten before you take your G.O.A.T. in the beginning, or during the mission "Trouble on the Homefront" (by the way, its on dear ol' dad's desk...) for the Raven Rock one you have one chance during the mission "The American Dream"

there's a science bobblehead on a desk inthe Rivet City science lab, and one in the WKML Broadcast Station.
another is directly south of VAPL-58 Power Station, just follow the power lines until you find the pylon with the makeshift walls around it, and it should be inside in the back corner
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Betral1 answered:

There is an achievement got getting them all and I think the one in Vault 101, the one in Raven Rock, and the on in Lucas Simm's house can all be potetnially missed.
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Shano48 answered:

There is 2 achievements for getting them. 1 for having ten and then 1 for having all 20. I could list their postions now but i'd prefer to tell you to look at shadowsdieaway FAQ on this site for all the specific locations. IT helped me find the 3 i was missing.
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Evisus answered:

Check obvious places first before coming here. You want me to play the game for you too?
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les777 answered:
This page is no longer available. Too bad. I wonder why.
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SmellsLikeFun answered:

There's also a full list with pics, maps, and videos at: head-guide/a-200811079495387046/g-20070606111037562096
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Ben_the_ben answered:

Previous Gamefaqs post.

I know where all of em are
strength-lucas simms house, in the bedroom on the table
perception-the republic of dave, the bookcase in the museum
endurance-deathclaw sanctuary first chamber next to the corpse pile
charisma-vault 106, on a table in the cloning lab
intelligence-rivet city science lab on table
agility-greener pastures disposal site office on table
luck-arlington house, celler shelves

energy weps-raven rock, colonel autumns quarters
big guns-fort constantine, co quarters, inside the open safe
explosives-wkml broadcasting station, sealed cistern
speech- eulogys pad on a table
rapair-arefu, evan kings house
science-vault 106 living quarters medical bay on shelves
lockpick-besthesda ruins, bethesda offices east top floor on desk
small guns-national guard depot armory
sneak-yao guai tunnels den, on a crate
barter-evergreen mills bazaar , near the merchant
melee-dunwich building virulent underchambers mall maintenance room
unarmed-rockopolis, next to argyles body(rockopolis is hard to find during the day only at night, there is a glow)
medicine-vault 101, dads clinic table
thats all =]

special thanks to original poster
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xfpredator answered:

Just a revision on Ben's post, the Charisma bobble head is Vault 108, not 106, the cloning lab is the right room like he said.
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