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What are these passcards used for?

My husband and I have found red and blue passcards on our different save files... I found the red one on a random centaur and another one on a ghoul (I found one on his save too but he didn't save.) My husband tells me he found a blue passcard on a ghoul as well. I have looked all over for what these are used for and can't find it. Anyone know?

kittybillion provided additional details:

Ah, I see. Thanks a bunch, guys. :)

Accepted Answer

itwizz answered:

The Red and Blue cards are an in-game reference to the Doom games on the PC and are only worth 1 Cap each.

See here for additional information:
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Red_Midnight111 answered:

They do nothing, about as much as bent tin cans and scorched books, as far as I know.
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