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Maxing strength and intelligence?

Well I have already used all 10 intense training perks and have collected the intelligence and strength bobbleheads and the ant might perk, I was planning to get the bobbleheads after the almost perfect perk to get maxed stats, but since I have already used the bobbleheads and the intense training perks and ant might is there anyway an item or any quest that raises strength and intelligance by 1 permantly so i can get maxed stats after almost perfect?

justgotowned09 provided additional details:

I have already used all intense training perks and bobbleheads for strength and intelligence is there anyway to get increase them to 10 without intense training, bobble heads and ant might perk for strength and intelligence.


itwizz answered:

Get the Almost Perfect Perk FIRST and then get the Bobbleheads, Skill Books and the Ant Might Perk. The way you've done it means you'll have to start a new game if you want to max out your stats.

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itwizz answered:

No, there isn't
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statesofeuphria answered:

Start a new game and have 9 Int and 8 Strength. Divide up the rest of the points. I also like to have 7 luck and use the bobble head, lucky shades, and 3 dogs head wrap to get to 10 early on. Get the Int and Str bobble head and Ant Might from the "Those" quest to get them at 10. If you Have Operation Anchorage and get the stealth suit you can stack hats to get your Perception up as well. I usually do this and the get Almost Perfect at level 30 and then collect the rest of the SPECIAL bobble heads to have 10 across the board. That way you wont use up too many points on intense training unless you needed a certain special stat boosted for a perk. Charisma for child at Heart, etc.
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