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Wasteland Survival Guide quest answers??

I just completed the mini-mart / pharmacy quest for the Wasteland Survival Guide chain and I have a question. Do the answers that I can give after I report back to Moira to tell her about the quest have SPECIAL stats associated with them? What I mean is, there are 5 total types of answers (standard, smart, tough, sly and snide) that I can give, are there stats associated with each of them? If so what is the minimum level that my SPECIAL stats have to be at in order give that answer? I am able to give an answer that has INT in front of it, but no other stat answer pops up. Then there is an answer that involves a party with raiders and something about a cake, but no stat involved with it. Can anybody help me with this question? Thanks in advance.

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chrisyg103 answered:

Actually, depending on your answer (Tough, Snide, Smart, ect.) you get different stats for your perks.
Like, if you choose mostly Tough answers you get a Damage Resistance boost when you complete the quest.
If you choose mostley Snide answers, you get a Stealth (and something else) boost at the end of the quest.
And Smart gets you increases Science and Medicine.

Never lie to Moira and always do all the optional parts, because you get a better Perk at the end of the quest.
Goes either Junior Survivor
Expert Survivor
and Survival Guru

As an example,
If you chose Tough answers and got Junior Survivor, you get +2 Damage Resistance boost
If you chose Tough answers and go Survival Guru, you get +10 Damage Resistance boost.
Hope this helped
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statesofeuphria answered:

Some do. You can even skip some quests depending on your specialties. Depending on your special stats and how high they are you can answer her like the example you provided. The response you choose after the quest really does nothing, it just gets a different response from Moira. As long as you do the quest and the optional part you will get the reward depending on your level. (example: on a lower level she may give you 4 stimpacks, at a higher you may get 8.)
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chrisyg103 answered:

Oh, I think the minimum SPECIAL has to be around 5 or 6
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