Question from madskull13

Asked: 5 years ago

Followers dont follow when i ask?

I go to charon and faux and they both say i have a follower when i dont i think its a glitch but how do i fix it.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Well when i went to point lookout and i died so i went to the previous save which was back in the capital wasteland so maybe thats not it but yes i also had dogmeats puppy with me.

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It's a glitch related to the Puppies Perk and Point Lookout so your screwed I'm afraid as there is no way around it unless you have a save from before you got the Perk and Point Lookout.

See here:

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I have the glitch too but I don't have Point Lookout

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Just found one work around, take dogmeat to museum of history and stand near to Fawkes. Attack dogmeat till he attacks you, let fawkes kill him off and than fawkes will follow you. Than if you want to switch followers take Fawkes to their location and fire him in front of the follower, than hire the new one. I've tested this with both Cross and Charon. Good luck.

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