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When do you learn how to use the power armour ?

Yeah i just found the power armour but i cant use it when can i learn to use it ( im at the bit when you help three dog get the satalite dish so am i far from using it )?

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chrisyg103 answered:

Is it just me, or are there always about 4 questions on how to get power armor training at one time, I mean, can't you just check one of the other questions?
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URDEADBYME answered:

spoiler Once you enter the citadel at a certain point in the main story there is a man who will teach you for free.
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Teeben answered:

I think you can get PA training as soon as you want by searching in the sewers under Old Olney. There is a prototype medic PA in there which gives training (I read somewhere that if you leave these sewers before picking up the PA that it will disappear, so make sure you save before going in) OR by completing the Operation Anchorage DLC.
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Attacknun answered:

You gotta get half way or so through the main quest.
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thirdechel0n answered:

the easyes way is to complete Operation Anchorage after you do you can ues any power armour!!
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itwizz answered:

Or you could finish The Pitt and take Ashur's Power Armour.

chrisyg103 is right, in future please check other peoples Answers and the boards BEFORE posting as 90% of the time other people have already posted the same query.
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Fadingsilence answered:


After the Enclave takes over Project Purity and you get to the Citadel, Talk to Gunny, he is in the courtyard near all the recruits shooting guns. Ask him about Power Armour training, he will tell no that he won't train you without the Elder's permission. Go ask Elder Lyon's about getting training, he will tell you to go talk to gunny. Go back and ask Gunny again and he will train after complaining a little.

Note* You don't get any armor. You got to find your own after the training.
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papapung4898 answered:

If you have the dlc operation anchorage and finish it you can equip all kinds of power armor, itwizz is wrong though because after you finish the pitt you still cant equip power armor, when you get to the citadel about half way through the game there is a man named paladin gunny that can train you to wear power armor
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