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How is Fallout 3 as a FPS?

I have never liked any RPGs but am a big fan of the FPS genre. Would you recommend this game solely on its action/shooter elements?


Mr_Popadopolis answered:

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itwizz answered:

This question should have been asked in the main forum as this is a general query and not a question about a specific problem.
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jackwinz1 answered:

Not to good. Sure you'll spend the entire game in FP but nearly all the game is running about and talking. And if your in the Wasteland (Outside) you could wait an entire 5 minutes before something happens.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

Not really its only good in that capacity when there are target rich areas and that only happens a few times in the game. Its decent if there are a bunch of enemies but like I said, doesn't happen often.
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15pops answered:

Its a FPS because most of the game your in the 1rst person view as you get a better seeing of what's in front of you or to solve or talk or kill some on.Hope it helps
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