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How do I get Charon?

I went to museum of history with Jericho to get Charon.I killed Greta with a tire iron out side of museum of history.When I came back to Azrecule to get the contract then evrey body attacked us.Then Jericho killed Asrecule can I still get Charon?

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No, if you have a previous save loaded load it and kill greta again then wait 72 hours= 3 game days and see if everybody in underworld is still attacking you hope it helps

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SPOILER!!! I forgot if you did what I said and waited 72 hours and everybody in underworld is friendly then you can talk to azrukal. If you dont want to kill greta then save up the amount of caps that azrukal wants then buy charons contract and after you get charon as a follower then he just kills azrukal anyway and I think you can get your money back that you paid to get charons contract by searching azrukals body, also dont forget to unlock his safe and get the stuff inside it.

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See here:

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You need to load back to before killing greta. Leave jericho somewhere and go and talk to azrecule and then agree to kill greta she lurks outside of the underworld smoking and then kill her. Talk to azrecule and then u pay 1000 caps for charon and he is yours. But then charon kills azrecule and chaos breaks loose.

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If you kill greta with a sneak attack then no one attacks you. If you do then you can just wait 24 hours outside the museum and you should be fine.

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