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Strange voice near ranger compound?

I keep hearing a weird voice near the ranger compound, it sounds like a guy on a loudspeaker and hes saying a bunch of nonsense, something about the great worm in the sky, my head keeps hurting why won't it stop hurting.

Does anyone know what this is about?

bleh32_ provided additional details:

Thanks, I always wondered what that was. The only thing that made sense was him talking about trees to the north, which I heard three dog talk about as well.

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Chaosflux answered:

There is a man standing up in a hollowed out building on the second or third floor talking about things that don't make much sense. there is a waste lander on one side of the alley that wants you to stop the noise. You can send the man into to talk some sense into this loon "-karma" or help him deal with it, or do nothing. Be very careful in the alley there are numerous mines and mini nukes hidden all down the ally. you can Snipe him, stealth in and take all of the mines and mini nukes and kill him or just leave him be. If he detects you he sets off all of the explosives, if you dont kill him in one shot he sets off all of the explosives and if you set off a mine it will set off all of the explosives. It is a neat little encounter they added its fun to listen to him once but if you had to hear it over and over it would drive most insane. Hope this helps you out.
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