Question from JackoTheBrewer

What should I be for a first proper play for? Good or Evil?

Well I am starting the game properly tomorrow for the first time and want to have advice whether to be Good or Evil?


Fallout3_Master answered:

well its up to you. Evil is more rewarding, however. If you allow yourself to become evil, you wont have to worry about your karma crap when you steal stuff.
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itwizz answered:

This should have posted in the main forum as it is a general query and not a specific game related problem.
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DJeezy13 answered:

Well i am evil as it is much more entertaining because you dont have to do everything right
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Sephira_Skye answered:

You get more caps if you go the evil karma route from all of the stuff you can steal and loot off corpses and it's not too difficult to reverse your karma. 5 100 caps donations to the Church of St. Monica in Rivet City will bring your karma level up to neutral and then you can go on a crime spree again. If you want to get all the karma achievements in one play through, save before Lvl 8, 14, and 20 and either go on a crime spree or donate tons to the church to fluctuate your karma before leveling up.
It's more fun to be evil because the Pip boy pictures are much more entertaining than the good ones.
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Joshuu1 answered:

I think you should try to stay neutral. No mercs or heros will attack you due to neutrality.
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amandacobain answered:

My first play through i did good and now im doing a bad to the bone play through and i don't really see a difference so choose whichever tickles your fancy but on the plus i got to blow up megaton as my evil playthrough lol
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Tommywx answered:

My first ever play was evil now im very good if ur good u will have a chane of speech succss ppl will side with u with bad or good but with good ppl dont come after u as much
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