Question from Igglepig

Do megaton residents respawn?

I just finished anchorage and was pickpockiting residents of megaton.Lucas Simms caught me while pickpockiting him, and in my excape, i killed 4 no name guys, and jericho. do they respawn?

MegaShea63 asked for clarification:

They will never respawn, so have your fun while it lasts. Only a couple of people can survive, that is the kids.


papapung4898 answered:

I think they respawn Im prettty sure, but as for jericho he is gone forever, unless you load a previous save.
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itwizz answered:

From what i've heard once you eliminated all of them they are gone for good.
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Mc_Nomz answered:

They dont respond they stay dead forever unless you save before you kill
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bones1536 answered:

No they don't killed them then waited 350 game hours
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