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Asked: 5 years ago

I need help storing my items?

Okay i got my house in megaton but where ever i want to put my stuff in anything and try to take it out it says im stealing and my karma goes down?

Additional details - 5 years ago

No im sorry i was putting all my stuff in Simms house because i thought that was my house but i didnt see the robot so i went to the map and saw "MY MEGATON HOUSE"

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Have you tried going upstairs into the room with the bed and desk?

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If you haven't done that then there is your problem. Im not positive why that has happened since it is your house. Your game may also be glitched. And there is nothing you can do about a glitched file other than starting a new one.

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Are you sure you're in the right house?

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If you were storing items in Lucas Simms house then the game automatically thinks you are stealing and will always give bad karma.

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Can you please close the question now. Thank you

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