Question from supernova62

MZ glitched?

ok, so i'm at the observation deck and i'm pretty sure that a hologram talking about a death ray appears, but when i get there nothing happens, sally just stands there and doesn't unlock the door is there something that i'm not doing? or is my game glitched? ( FYI: i've already tried to do an eailer save, and this is when you r done with the space walk)


zipher200 answered:

after the death ray thing happened I got stuck to, but I went thru the teleporter thing and Somah talked to me about it. I went back and it was opened. dont know if that'll help or not, gl tho.
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itwizz answered:

This is a known bug with no known cure (as far as I know).
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zipher200 answered:

I've tested it a couple of times and it seems to work. tho sumtimes u have 2 go on a mini-quest 2 find her if she's stuck in robot assembly.
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