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Where is the Family?

I have searched the areas the guy on the bridge said and cant find them... its for that quest where ur trying to deliver a letter?

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marstinson answered:

The easiest way to find The Family is to have a high enough Perception to notice trainyard dust on the bodies in Arefu. This opens a dialog option that will get Maresti Trainyard marked on your map. Aside from a couple of random Wastelanders at the trainyard, you probably won't have to fight anything to get to The Family if you come in this way.

If your Perception isn't high enough to open that option, go to Seneca Station. Murphy will offer to buy Sugar Bombs from you (good Speech can get you more caps), and you can buy Ultra Jet (+40AP) from him after bringing him enough. There is a tunnel entrance in the room behind Murphy that will eventually put you out inside Maresti Trainyard. You'll need to get through some Mirelurks and past The Family's mines and traps if you take this route.

The third option is to just ignore the three markers you have and head east from Arefu until you stumble over the trainyard. It's not hidden or anything.
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TheDarkGeneral answered:

In that first area,
In the metro i think its called

There'll be an area with ghouls.
One wants you to give him sugar puffs or something.
Anyway. Ignore him. In the back "office" you'll see a grate with barrels of radiation all around it. You'll wanna go down it and through the tunnel complex.
Its really long, i warn you now.
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Ma1evolence answered:

Yeah what Marstinson is saying is the best way. Minus boosting up you perception. Just wander around and find the Maresti Trainyards from Murphy.
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silentguido answered:

Check out Northwest Seneca Station, Hamilton's Hideaway, and Maresti Trainyard; they are all close by Arefu. Then go back and talk to Evan King. Don't forget the bobblehead in his crib(spoiler?)
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