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Why do Reilly's Rangers hate me now?

Yeah, so I did Reilly's Rangers and when went back to the Ranger Compound like, 4 months later, the Rangers just shoot at me on sight. What's that about? I still have a "Very Good" karma, like always. Has this at least happened to anyone else?

ZeroBlack51 asked for clarification:

Do you have Fawkes with you?

DnD_Greg provided additional details:

I didn't have Fawkes the first time, no. However, I totally killed Dukov, so I'm guessing that's why they're hostile. Thanks!

DnD_Greg provided additional details:

Oh wait. Sorry. I misread "Donovan". Yeah. I have Fawkes now, but I didn't even know about him the first few times I went back. Not sure what happened, but I'd chalk it up to extremely touchy A.I.


ZeroBlack51 answered:

It may either be a weird instance where you have Fawkes, or you killed one of the Rangers ( maybe on accident ) causing everyone else to be hostile.
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itwizz answered:

Quote from the Fallout Wiki:

"It is very hard, if not impossible to murder and loot one of the rangers without the others becoming hostile. One player has reported killing Donovan in a random event and looting his corpse, but when the player returned to the Reilly's Rangers compound they were hostile."

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Megaton09 answered:

I dont believe Fawkes actually plays a role in them being hostile. I have had him with me everytime I have completed this quest and never had a problem.
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Deconstruct0 answered:

Fawkes can sometimes cause people to become hostile. Probably him being a mutant and all.
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