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Asked: 6 years ago

can I continue to level past 20 (xbox) somehow?

I know the design "encourages" mult playthroughs but I feel quite deflated...perhaps you have an idea that would inspire me to start butt hurts

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From: AzureLivesOn 6 years ago

Bethesda made a nice point to still include the "Experience Progress Bar" in the loading screens at Level 20, showing a Level 21 at the end of the bar that you can't achieve. This, of course, fueled rumors that future DLC/expansions may raise the level cap.

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Alas, no you cannot go beyond level 20
if you want some inspiration, then go the alternative route if you were good go evil and vice versa. if that doesnt do it for you then take the time to actually explore a little bit, there are some easter eggs that you might have missed

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Mulligan are you for real theres other easter eggs than the garden gnomes who have signs saying "save us" and "Ya you a**hole".

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