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How to get to get the Chinese Winterized Jumpsuite?

ow do i get the Winterized Chinese Jumpsuite because i whent on youtube but the only one i found is that there are two lockers in the brotherhood outcast outpost in the armoury, but its not there for the xbox version even tho is ses it so could you help me I tryed pick pocketing in the simulation for Operation Anchorage but they put my combat armour on not the helmet but when i go to pick pocket them it shows ammo my helmet and a chinese assult rifle?

itwizz asked for clarification:

What are you asking for help with, as your question is confusing? Are you trying to get the Winterised Chinese Jumpsuit (Which can only be acquired via the Gary glitch) or the Chinese Stealth Armour (which you get for finishing the Main quest)?

ChineseSoldier provided additional details:

i whant the chinese winterized jumpsuite my xbox 360 gamer tag is Chinese Soldier

ChineseSoldier provided additional details:

How do i get the stuff off of a chinese soldier because you cant get there jumpsuite when you pick poket them

ChineseSoldier provided additional details:

I know how to do the garry glich i whant to know how to get the winterized jumpsuite off of the chinese soldier because when i pick poket its not in there inventory


overman99999 answered:

It will be in the armoury that is unlocked after the simulation. The only guaranteed elements to be in there are the gauss rifle, the wintereised T51 armour and the stealth suit you want..

It is DEFINATELY there on the xbox version, look in every crate and on every shelf, its placement is randomised.
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itwizz answered:

The ONLY way to get the Chinese Stealth Armour is to finish Operation: Anchorage and retrieve it from the Outcast Armoury, it should be on one of the shelves next to the Winterised Power Armour (If I remember right)

I can confirm it's DEFIANTLY avaliable in the Xbox 360 version.
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itwizz answered:

Watch the Video here: (I know it's for the PC Version but it also applies to the Xbox 360 version.)
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itwizz answered:

After re-reading your question I finally get what you're asking.

To get any items out of the Simulation you need to use the Gary glitch (see here: but use at your own risk as it CAN crash your game.

The Winterised Chinese Jumpsuit and the Chinese Stealth Armour are 2 different things.

Winterised Chinese Jumpsuit:

Chinese Stealth Armour:
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itwizz answered:

In that case you need to perform the Gary Glitch, see here on how to do it:
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itwizz answered:

According to the Fallout Wiki you have to reverse pickpocket it.

See here for more information on Reverse Pickpocketing:

The idea is to give them another suit of armour to ware so they put the one you want in their inventory, then you can steal it.
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itwizz answered:

I've just read on the official forums that the Chinese Winterised Jumpsuit CANNOT be pickpocketed, used or obtained in anyway, so unless you get the PC Version and use the Console Commands you're screwed.


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