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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get to vault 87?

Without going trough Murder Pass?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Just tell me what the password is for the terminal, i am already in little lamplight ...and i don't want to go through murder pass

Additional details - 5 years ago

I have 0 caps, no big guns, low ammo, 1 stimpack

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From: itwizz 5 years ago

Turn the difficulty down to very easy and then you shouldn't have any problems.

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You can only get to Vault 87 by following through the storyline. After you get into Little Lamplight you can talk to the mayor about it and they can get you in.

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Quote from the Fallout Wiki:

"Once you've arrived at Lamplight Caverns, Mayor MacCready will stop you at the gates of Little Lamplight. You can convince the mayor to let you in with a Speech challenge or with the Child At Heart perk. Failing that, the only way into Little Lamplight is to complete the Rescue from Paradise side quest.

Once in Little Lamplight, there are two ways to get to Vault 87:

1: Passing through Super Mutant infested Murder Pass; if you chose this option, you must first speak with Mayor MacCready or Princess to get the gate to Murder Pass open.

2: Asking Mayor MacCready about alternate paths will reveal a locked back door to Vault 87. You must ask Joseph to restore power to the computer terminal before you can use it. The door and terminal (average difficulty) are located in the Great Chamber."

PS: In future check the answers section more carefully as this question has been asked numerous times before!

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The only way into Vault 87 is through Murder Pass, even if you were to survive the radiation in front of the vault the door will not open.

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Terminal Passwords are random so it's pot luck which ones come up, just make sure you save before you try and hack it as you can get locked out.

Murder Pass isn't that hard, you just to make sure you have a really powerful weapon and lots of health items.

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Be a man, they're just super mutants.

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There's a second door other than Murder Pass, but you have to dig around a little to find it.
To do this, you need to find Joseph, a black kid, and have a Science Skill of at least 50.

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