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Where can I find (Deathclaw Schematic)?

Where is the last Deathclaw Schematic?

oneeye007 provided additional details:

I can't find the last Deathclaw Schematic. I herd a wastlander has it. I haven't ran in to him yet. Please help!!!

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Ramza742 answered:

When you do the nuka cola challenge when you speak to either the guy or girl ask them if anything is around. When you do there is dunwhich building i think which is directly below you on the map. As you head towards that direction you will most likely pass a robot, one broken down house as you keep heading towards that one building you will see a forest or the woods and in it you will see some campers. When you get pretty close to it you will see a camper or rv and a deathclaw waiting for you. Kill the deathclaw and enter the vehicle next to a corpse is the schematics. Thats how i always find it.
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Evilmonkey22556 answered:

The last one is a random encounter. Try going to the random encounter points to get it.
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rego1100 answered:

If you talk to the guy at potomic attire in rivet city, you can talk to him and he will give you a quest, if you do the quest he will give you the scammatics for the deathclaw gauntlet.
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rego1100 answered:

If you have Broken Steel you can get a perk (I think at level 26) that unlocks v3 of all the schematics, including nuka grenade,bottlecap mine, and deathclaw gauntlet.
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narcoleptic79 answered:

Go to rivet city and talk to bannon he should ask u to help him frame someone , do it and he'll give u the deathclaw gauntlet schematic
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D11churchkill answered:

The scamatics are at a trailer park in between girdershade and dunwich building in the trailer next to a (sometimes dead.) Wastelander be careful theres a deathclaw in the vicinity.
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Deathray036 answered:

You can find it north of Dunwich building.

Warning: A deathclaw is guarding his territory there. kill it or use a stealth boy and go to that cheap looking trailer. there should be a dead body and the schematics should be next to it
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