Question from Nightroad101

Why does the game keep telling me the disc must be cleaned?

Ok, so i recently got a brand new Fallout 3 disc, with no scratches on it. However, every time i run the game, my 360 keeps making sounds like it's trying to load it, but it cannot, and from time to time an error message keeps popping up saying that the disc must be cleaned, . even though it is brand new . Is this a problem with the game itself, or is it my 360. i am not installing it on my hard drive as it takes up way too much space

Nightroad101 provided additional details:

the last time i installed the disc there was only 324 MB left out of 6 or 7 GB


itwizz answered:

The DVD Drive is dying, return your Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repair ASAP.

PS: With the new Dashboard update the File size has gone down to 5.5 Gb so unless you only have a 20 Gb Hard Drive you'll have plenty of space plus its a great way of seeing if it really is just the disc as, if the disc is bad then the install will fail.
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itwizz answered:

At least try it, then if the installation fails you can just delete it afterwards but if it works you'll have to delete something else.
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