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Asked: 6 years ago

Where is the ufo?

I have looked evereywhere and cant find it

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From: les777 6 years ago

It' south of Greener Pastures Disposal Site. When you're on the road you should see a ruined house. When you get close you'll start getting radiation. Go through the house and up the hill and you should see the crashed spacecraft. There's an Alien Blaster and 120 round of ammo for it besides the body.

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It's a random event that iwll happen when you are wandering the wasteland. There is no way to find it.

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Yes.. Proceed North north east from mine feild past the Power Station. about 1 kilometer perhaps slightly down the hill towards the lower slope of the land.

You will recieve Alein Craft Theta or something of that nature. its the same Colour as the rocks and blends in nicely.. you come at it from the north side to find a dead alein with his ray run and ammo on the Ground. there is 120 Rounds near the Body and Wiki.. or Another post in the ANSWERED questions section identifys where loads more ammo can be found for the wpn.


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