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Asked: 6 years ago

Where is the Lab from GNR?

Where is the Lab that the people at GNR Radio tell me to go to to get permission to be trained to use their armor?

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From: Helluva_Jackass 6 years ago

I assume you mean Power Armor. To use it you will need to go the Brotherhood of Steels base The Citadel this will happen a little further into the story and you will find a guy there who trains you.

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You will need to go to the Citadel. There, you will find a man, usually roaming outside, named Paladin Gunny. He will offer it to you.

Im pretty sure you also need to get permission from Elder Lyons.

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He's talking about The Citadel. Its located in the ruins of the Pentagon in DC. Just follow the west side of the river and you cant miss it.

You cant go into The Citadel until your pretty far into the main questline, if you try it just after you meet the Brotherhood of Steel at GNR studios, then you wont be able to get in, just keep pluggin away at the main story until you get access.

And, you DO need to get permission from Elder Lyons before you can be trained to use the power armor.

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