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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get rid of the remaining 90 ingots?

I've finished The Pitt DLC and then I went back for the ingot achievement found all remaining 90 but the guy won't take them how do I get ride of them I mean thats an extra 90 pounds I don't need. Is there any way to remove them from my inventory?

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To the first poster-
I know I should do this but what I'm saying is he won't take 'em. He just mumbles and looks away, I have the achievement from another save but I'm tired of the extra weight in this save.

Additional details - 5 years ago

No sadly I have finished the Pitt, does this mean I'm stuck with my steel friends for good?

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Simply take them back to the guy you handed the first 10 to. You should too...for every 10 more you give him he gives you an awesome unique item.

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This quest/Achievement is glitched and you may have to restart The Pitt from scratch to finish it if Everett stops accepting the Ingots.

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Yes you have to restart. if you go into the steel yard while Everett is still doing his speech in the abandoned area ("die close to the door", etc.) and bring him the first 10 , he won't leave the area and just grumble when you talk to him. Even if you go back to the Wasteland and come back to the Pitt it doesn't reset, he will still be stuck there. Hopefully you have an earlier save to reload. It happened to me as well.

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