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Asked: 6 years ago

National gaurd armory?

I know its something dumb im missed but i cant find my way into the armory. the door i think im suposed to go through says its activated elsewhere. cant find the elsewhere. Any help? please?

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Thanks dude the helps most appreciated.

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From: les777 6 years ago

To open the other door you have to collect 5 Keller Tapes scattered over the Wasteland. Then you can enter the code and get the most powerful weapon in the game. Yes, even more powerful than the Fat Man, but just see for yourself.

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You have to go through the other areas of the National Guard Depot first, when you've been through them all you'll exit out onto a higher level of the Depot, with an electrical switch.
Flip that and you can now get into the armory, by way of the "utility door"
(leads to a good stock up room inc. Small guns Bobble-head)

However, there's another door inside which I have yet to open...

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I would like to know how you get out of the wasteland in Fallout 3, after you finished ALL THE QUESTS.

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Youll go through it when you do the misson reillys rangers.

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