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Asked: 4 years ago

Tesla Cannon: followers?

I already know that you can find 6 tesla cannons in Broken Steel but why cant your official followers (Clover, Charon,Jericho,.......) use it?

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I already know that Red, Shorty and Sticky can use it.

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My bad, you can get 8 tesla cannons in Broken Steel

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My bad again, you can get 9 tesla cannons

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only star paladin cross can use it ibelieve never done it my self but heard a lot of people do that also can u tell me where there r 8 i know of 2 my xbox live gamertag is Dradar

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I got over 11 tesla cannons and two don't decay. I found 6 in a death claw cage outside the launch platform at the end of broken steel.

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