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How does SPECIAL effect dialogue (see question)?

So if I change my strength will people be more afraid of me?

For instance, Jericho in Megaton says that he takes craps bigger than me (paraphrase). If I boosted up my strength would he say that same thing or not? Or is the dialogue with those guys dependent on morality (good/bad)?

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Its only dependent on your good/bad but you can use them in conversation such as when talking to mira about things theres options with intelligence or endurance next to them.

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S.P.E.C.I.A.L does effect dialogue but olny by giveing you unique dialouge choices.

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They're both right, and then some. Morality determines who likes/dislikes you. For example, if you become a real scumbag you can make Jericho a follower. Also, while most other people will hate/fear you, people like the slavers in Paradise Falls will practically consider you a god. I've also heard that you can get raiders to respect you if you're evil enough, but I've never seen it myself.
Strength in conversations, however, is most effective when trying to intimidate someone. The higher your strength, the better the success. Charisma is used in Persuade attempts, and even your skills sometimes play a part. As doolittlesy says, you can use the others in conversations, (Moira being the most common) but overall I wouldn't sweat it out too much myself. In the long run, morality is more important than SPECIAL to get people to like or fear you.

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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats do give you certain unique dialogue choices if they are high enough. For instance, if your strength is high enough you can intimidate Jericho into treating you more respectfully.

Your skills, karma level, and certain perks can give you unique dialogue choices as well.

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