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Asked: 6 years ago

how do I solve tranquility lane?

How can i finish the tranquility lane
quest with good karma?

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From: Cloud7007 6 years ago

Okay, so there's this older woman named Mrs. Dithers who will approach you at some point during this quest. She will explain to you that there's a failsafe program in the abandoned house on Tranquility Lane. You don't really need to speak to her to do this, but go to the Abandoned House. Once inside, you will see various objects in the entry way, which you can activate. Among these items are: a block, a radio, a garden gnome, a Nuka Cola bottle and a pitcher. These items will generate a sound when activated, but nothing else will happen. From here, you must activate the items in this order: radio, pitcher, garden gnome, pitcher, block, garden gnome, Nuka Cola bottle. When you do this, a computer will appear on the wall in a Matrix-like manner. When you activate the computer, options will appear. All you need to do from here is choose the option, "Chinese Invasion".

Voila, good karma for you.

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Do the abandoned house. It's the good karma path

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Activate all objects in house till u get the pattern right very simple oh and spoiler ur dad is the dog

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Well, you could do all those nice complicated things and come out with good karma, or you could just be evil like me and do the jobs given to you. They really aren't that hard. Just punch the first kid, then confirm the wives paranoia, and then you have to creatively kill Mabel. There are alot of ways to do that one. I used the terminal in her kitchen to mess her robot (very funny, he yelled"For King and Country!" as he burned her to death.), but you can mess with her stove then ask for a pie, or position a rollerskate at the top of her stairs as well. Then things get serious. You get a mask and a knife along with orders to slaughter the entire town. Very fun, especially where i had just got the Gory Mess perk, but you are slower than everyone else, so try to head em off and what not. Oh and never hit betty or the dog. especially the dog. ; ) Hope that helps.

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this also a great way to get Jericho as a follower without killing anyone you'll miss

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*KINDA SPOILER* Go into the abandoned house, and select these items in this order: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, block, gnome, bottle. Then a computer terminal will appear, then start the 'Chinese Invasion' simulation.

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There are two ways to go about this... 1) Skip what Betty tells you to do, and 2) do what Betty tells you to do.

1) Go to the abandoned house and select the items in the correct order

-concrete brick
-Nuka cola bottle

2) Do the Quests that Betty wants you to

- 1st is to make Timmy cry

- 2nd is to break up the Rockwell's marriage

- 3rd is to kill Mrs. Henderson
(for all of these, there are different ways to do them, go to

- 4th ( and last ) is to kill everyone in the town using the "Pint-Sized Slasher" clothes.

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