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Asked: 6 years ago

Vault 112?

Where is vault 112 and how do you get to it from evergreen mills? i have been there forever and have had no luck finding vault 112 =/

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From: hamburgertrain6 6 years ago

In smith casey's garage there are a series of electronic switches, just like the one under the overseer's desk in vault you escape from early on in the game. Just throw the switches, find the doors, kill any baddies, and be sure to keep your pip-light on. Damn that thing is helpful. Oh, that blue light? That's just some nerve gas going to your brain.. it's good for you, puts hair on your chest.

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If you go to the brotherhood of steel area called the citadel (not sure if you can go there yet or not) they show you a map of where they all are and it puts markers on your map.

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Vault 112 is the only one that isn't named on your world map. Instead you'll see a run down looking shack marked "Smith Casey's Garage" and that will take you to the vault.

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Go to smith caseys garage it will be marked on th emap all u have to do is activate 3 doors which will lead u to the underground entrance to the vault have fun the mission in ther is time tedious

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