Question from Ben_the_ben

Asked: 6 years ago

Dogmeat? Dogmeat?

How long should i keep dog meat.. i can tell him to sit in my house and stay.. but.. What about the Vault 101 option.. does he waits outside for u to return? do they let him in? i dont want to send him running off for things and have him die,,

i know he maybe resiliant but if you send him for ammo or something how long should he be gone.. what if days go bye lol.. what if he loses the scent or become lunch for rad scorpions..??

Is he safe at 101? or Better sitting in my Megaton home comforting me.

Accepted Answer

From: Joe2nd 6 years ago

Yes if you tell him to return to Vault 101 he simply stays there until you come back. He only gets attacked if you come back and any nearby creatures see you(Radscorpions, Mole Rats, etc.)

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Yeah, Dogmeat is perfectly safe at Vault 101 for any amount of time. Ive sent him out for ammo and then left for Meagton in a different direction once, and he came back a few days later with the ammo. I dont think he can be hurt while youre not with him.

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