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Asked: 4 years ago

Did I do something wrong?

At Raven Rock I saw Nathan there, talked to him, and was fighting my way out of the place and before I reached level 2, right as I was shooting at the enclave nathan had jumped in front and I accidently shot him he wasn't dead, but I saw go up the stair and when I went up the stairs I figured the enclave had killed him b/c I saw his body, then I bust out of there and go to megaton and for some reason nova has disappeared...and gob is like don't shoot me and luca simms will occasionally say "pull another stunt like that and your outta here" what gives, are they talking about nathan or what?......

Additional details - 4 years ago

makes sense, but my karma is very high positive so I don't know

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Well for Nova, people like to randomly disappear in Megaton. As for Gob, IIRC he says that if your Karma is bad. Simms probably just says that most likely because you have, at one time or another, committed a crime in Megaton and gotten the town hostile towards you.

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