Question from EndWigg

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get out of the Oasis Grove?

What do i do after the ritual to meet with their supreme bieng? In the Oasis Grove i can see a path up high but cant get up there and the door back to the Oasis is locked?

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From: Trenton357 5 years ago

Their supreme being is the big tree in the center. Look for his face (That's right, the tree has a face) and talk to it. Once your conversation is over you'll be able to leave the grove.

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The only way to get out is to first talk with harold the tree and once you agree to his offer the door will be unlocked

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Talk to that weird tree and just light him on fire if you have a flamer

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if you light him on fire, you will lose Karma, just talk to Harold (the tree with a face) and the door should get unlocked

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