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Asked: 4 years ago

Are there any Military Bases on the Wasteland map that I can go to?

In the Bases are there any Side missions that you can complete?

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From: Nomanisat 4 years ago

There are a wide variety of military bases and installations throughout the wasteland. A few are featured in a few missions, but for the most part are just there to explore.

This list isn't complete.
Fort Constantine
Fort Banister
Roosevelt Academy
Wheaton Armoury
Fort Independance
The Citadel (Pentagon)

There's more in the DLC

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I watched a video on and it is said that there is a weapon known as the Miss Launcher.

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there is also an armory called the national guard depot located directly south of vault 108 or the robot repair center the best weapon in the game called the experimental MIRV is there to get to it go to fallout 3 wiki ,locations and get to national guard depot,bugs do it and you don't have to get all five tapes its an awesome glitch.

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