Question from Sargent_Bill

Asked: 3 years ago

Item stacking glitch?

I've been having a weird glitch where items in my inventory and containers don't stack. The items are identical, they have the same durability, but just don't stack. For example, in one container I have "Brotherhood power helmet" and "Brotherhood power helmet" instead of "Brotherhood power helmet (2)". I've also had multiple stacks of the same item, like one stack of 4 and one stack of 2, all with the same durability.

Anyone else have this issue, or know how to fix it? Thanks

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Was it stolen? Is the price off slightly? Did you get it repaired by someone? Alot of things can happen like I got the Merc. Grunt outfit off Argyle and it won't stack with other grunt outfits. Don't know what to say but I hope any of this helps.

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