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Asked: 3 years ago

Huge bug problem in Moira's quest?

I've undertaken the first quest in the third batch of

Additional details - 3 years ago

The text seems to have disappeared? I'll try again:

I've undertaken the first quest in the third batch of Moira's "Wasteland Survival Guide" book, I'm supposed to go to a library and get some old books. Every time the same thing happens; I come out of Megaton, walk a short bit, kill two Raiders, walk a bit further and then the game freezes. Needless to say, this ruins the entire game for me. Is this a known bug, and is it possible to get around it somehow?

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My opinion is When there is a scratch on a game it interfiers with the gameplay try walking in a different direction around the bug if you can then it might not crashBut if that doesent work then id tell moria that theres nothing there (Speech Succses)

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