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Why doesn't the ladykiller perk ever come up talking w/ the many female characters...or what really does it for then??

I love it when it does give the ladykiller option it just doesn't ever come around for me I think I saw it (in Fallout 3 xBox 360) activate just once and I was at lvl 24 so it should have come up in options for talking according to a few walkthroughs I've looked to for tips....they say it is on this quest and again w/ that female character and so on etc. but for me it was there but only one instance does it just not activate? I notice redoing quests and conversation that some of the options are there one time but gone the next....but whats the point if they don't weave this valuable/entertaing perk as a choice to respond w/ more often w/ variety of all the female characters....I mean it's really clever when it does show up! I love it in the New Vegas: Fallout( though it could stand to make it available more also). has anybody else really got the "benefits" of this perk? I want to see more from it than I have...(and what the walktroughs said it does at times it hasn't when I played!) great perk... but I feel jipped...has anyone had any luck w/ "Ladykiller"?

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The dialog specific perks (Ladykiller/Black Widow, Child At heart) only appear with specific NPCs. The 10% damage increase to enemies of the opposite sex is more useful for the most part (especially when playing as a female character), but the perk specific dialogue choices are nice when they show up. Usually those choices are shortcuts to a goal that you could have achieved without the perk, albeit with more effort and/or caps.

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