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Asked: 6 years ago

Fort independence?

Ok i have some power armor but for some reason when i take it to fort independence and try to turn it into the outcasts it doesn't do anything they won't accept it anybody know why? all answers welcome?

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You cant sell them their own power armor(outcast power armor) they think your returning it to them and they see it as their so, drop it or give it to a follower before talking to them if you want to keep your armor

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Can you specify which power armor it is?

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i tired brotherhood of steel power armor and gatling lazer and it wouldnt work either...the ONLY thing I can even sell to them is my alien blaster...but NO they are not getting it...

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shadow you dont have to worry theres a glitch with that guy you can steal it back from him and keep doing that BUT SAVE BEFORE YOU TRY TO STEAL IT BACK

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Make sure its not being used

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