Question from conna73

Asked: 2 years ago

Very anyoying GLITCH?!

I loved this game so much and i dont want to stop playing it but one day i loaded my profile and my hands were X2 bigger they were bigger than the 10mm pistol and this was anyoying because everytime i aimed and shot my bullet went a bit higher than there head i am not sure if this is a radiation effect from moira browns quest or a glitch please HELP!

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Sounds like a cool glitch. The most common glitch, a simple freeze can usually be solved by restarting your Xbox. But for your particular problem, a screen glitch, can be solved by reloading your save data or sometimes even by walking into a building that forces the game to autosave. A screen glitch is harmless to your game, and are sometimes very funny (upside Brahmin, anyone?).

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