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Asked: 5 years ago

Lucky Shades?

I saw something about lucky shades, someone said you could find them in Lucky's store place. I went in and searched everywhere and I couldnt find them, anyone know where they are?

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i found the glasses but I cant pick them up

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They are the maniquin towards the back left corner. Luckys is also southwest of Tenpenny Tower too.

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You find the lucky shades on the mannequin towards the back of Lucky's shop, which is southwest of Tenpenny Tower. It's also, as I noticed, on the actual very southern border of the game.

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Near the scavenger in the back is one of those manequins you see in stores (you know, the ones you probablly felt up a couple of times when you were ten) and it should be on the manequis face as if he/shes wearing them.

Try not to use grenades to kill the Scavenger as they can knock the Shades around the room, making them difficult to find.

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Can't pick them up?
I had the same problem I knock them off accidentally and they fell on the manequins "Stand" and It would not even show that they were an item when i waved my cursor over them, just re-load the Auto-save from when you entered the store and remember to take them off the manequins "Face"

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I know this was old but if you still need some throw any kind of gernade in the bucket next to the doll as much as you can to shake it up alittle...then you go 3rd person and duck..and look the opposite direction it will say "pick up Lucky Shades".....hope this helps....and happy gaming.

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